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Rose T. Dunn, Vice President of First Class Solutions, Inc. is known for her prolific writing. Below are some of the articles and books she has written:

More with Less
More with Less: Best Practices for HIM Directors - 2nd Edition ©2007
by Rose T. Dunn, RHIA, CPA, FACHE, FHFMA

Today's healthcare organizations face dynamically changing fiscal policies, technology, competition, public demand for quality and privacy, lack of qualified staff, and declining revenues. Each of these challenges affects the health information management (HIM) department.

The goal of More with Less: Best Practices for HIM Directors is to impart the better practices our firm's staff have observed while working with more than 100 hospitals across the United States. This book-- organized with your demanding schedules in mind---focuses on real-world issues that have surfaced on the MRB_Talk Internet chat group and common problem areas found by our consultants.

Of the seven chapters in this book, five focus on a common HIM function such as retrieving discharged records (Chapter 2): folderization, assembly and analysis (Chapter 3): coding (Chapter 4): assessing operational improvements to allow managers to direct a more productive staff. Chapter 8 discusses the HIM professional's role in the revenue cycle and the transition to an electronic health record. It also provides guidance for developing incentive plans for staff. New in this edition is a chapter discussing duplicate numbers.

This book includes helpful best-practice information, reprints of pertinent articles, and numerous references to other information sources.

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Finance Management
Finance Principles for the Health Information Manager - 3rd Edition ©2015

Benjamin Burton, JD, MBA, RHIA, CHPS, CHC and Rose T. Dunn, RHIA, CPA, FHFMA,MBA

Managing and planning finances is key to an organizationís ultimate success in all areas, especially in an environment of heightened compliance consciousness. While it is imperative that HIM directors, managers, and consultants understand financial and accounting principles, it is also helpful for health information management professionals on all levels to master this information. This comprehensive tool includes discussions of the financial aspects of compliance, fundamental concepts and equations, capital and operations budgeting, cost-benefit analysis, types of financial securities, and emerging issues in healthcare finance. With what you learn, youíll be able to plan and implement departmental operations, understand your organizationís financial status, communicate financial issues and decisions more clearly, plan and budget more effectively, and correct any staffing issues. A comprehensive list of acronyms has been added to this edition. Additionally, each chapter includes key words and review questions/activities to test the reader’s comprehension of the material. The text is available on CD for easy access and portability at a cost of $49.95 plus $3.95 shipping & handing or soft bound book for $78.50 plus $5.95 shipping and handling.

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Haimann's Healthcare Management
Haimann's Healthcare Management, Eighth Edition ©2007

This book will help new supervisors become acquainted with the many issues they will confront and offers practical advice for handling them. It breaks down a supervisor's role into the primary functions of planning, organizing, staffing, influencing and controlling. Maintaining the enthusiastic and engaging approach of the original author, Theo Haimann, this book uses many examples and analogies to illustrate key concepts. The book is intended for department managers and supervisors in all types of healthcare organizations. The book is also written for students taking courses in healthcare management, nursing, or allied health.

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Coder Productivity
Coder Productivity
- ©2006

When it comes to measuring the productivity of your coding staff, how much is enough? It's hard to say. There are many factors that affect productivity, and what works at your facility might not work at the one down the street.

Coder Productivity: Tapping Your Team's Talents to Improve Quality and Reduce Accounts Receivable is your hands-on guide to identifying and correcting production lapses.

Coders impact the entire organization
Low coder productivity has a domino effect across the HIM and finance offices, and eventually the organization as a whole. It cuts into "DNFB"—discharged but not final billed—accounts and leads to longer lead times for reimbursement. That impacts the bottom line, and it's the last place your executives want to see weaknesses.

Productivity is based on multiple factors, including

  • experience: more time on the job adds confidence and expertise
  • appropriate documentation: coders can't do the whole job with only part of the resources)
  • department staffing levels: overworked, stressed staff are not as efficient
  • management expectations: don't ride the staff too hard or give them too much leeway
  • job incentives: whether cash or privileges, staff need recognition for their efforts

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Performance Standards for Coding Professionals
For the Record, September 16, 1991

Performance Standards for Coding Professionals
For the Record, September 23, 1991

Copying Records - How Much Does It Really Cost
For the Record, May 4, 1992

Transcription - The Untamed Frontier
Available at:
Journal of AHIMA, July 1992 - Vol. 63, No. 7

Staffing Standards: Do We Have What It Takes?
For the Record, March 29, 1993

HIM Issues: A Survey of Professionals, Part1
Available at:
Journal of AHIMA, May 1996 - Vol. 67, No. 5

Productivity Standards: A Survey of HIM Professional, Part II
Available at:
Journal of AHIMA, June 1996 - Vol. 67, No. 6

For the Record, April 7, 1997

Duplicate Numbers - - Double Trouble
For the Record, August 11, 1997

1997 Survey Results: Staffing Issues
Available at:
Journal of AHIMA, September 1997 - Vol. 68, No. 8

Consulting Firm Specializes in Health Care and Computers
Available at:
Advance, December 8, 1997

Copying Costs: Help is as Close as Your 1040
For the Record, April 6, 1998

Performance Standards for Coding Professionals
Courtesy of:
Advance, October 19, 1998

When Health Information and Fiscal Management Meet
Available at:
Journal of AHIMA, January 2001 - 72/1

Developing Facility-specific Productivity Measures
Available at:
Journal of AHIMA, April 2001 - 72/4

The Latest Look at Coding Trends
Available at:
Journal of AHIMA, July-August 2001 - 72/7

Putting Productivity Plans to Work
Available at:
Journal of AHIMA, October 2001 - 72/9

Your Department Compliance Plan - Seven Easy Steps
Health Information Link , Winter 2001 - Vol. 50, Issue 1

Copying Costs: What Are They Worth Under HIPAA?
For the Record, August 12, 2002

Turning Production Data into Management Tools
Available at:
Journal of AHIMA, October 2002 - Vol. 73, No. 9

Copy Cost Questions Require Closer Look
Available at:
Journal of AHIMA, January 2003 - Vol. 74, No. 1

Shades of Gray: Determining the Cost of Color Copies
For the Record, June 20, 2005

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