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About Our Interim Managers and Management Consultants:

Our team
comes to you equipped to handle today’s problems.  And today’s health information management (HIM) environment is one that is dynamically changing.  Unlike past years when the health information management department was a physical location within the organization housing some paper records but working within electronic health records, the HIM department has evolved into a different structure.  HIM today is partially virtual, decentralized, and transitioning to the information governance function for the healthcare organization.  It has taken on information security roles, data analytics and data mining of the entity’s Big Data, oversees privacy controls, disclosures, and practices, ensures revenue integrity through coding integrity, monitors patient identity and prevents identity theft, and governs the health information of your patients from a broader spectrum than the historical paper record days.

Today’s Health Information Management and Health Information Integrity directors are responding to challenges unlike the past and need to think “outside” the traditional 4 walls of yesteryear.  They must play an integral role in EHR enhancement, staff productivity, cost reduction, regulatory compliance, external audit intrusions, revenue cycle demands, privacy protections, and a myriad of hotspots percolating in our industry.  Additionally, these directors must serve as a change agent to streamline information governance throughout the organization and motivate staff to adopt change, focus on customer relations, encourage innovation, and foster collaboration within the healthcare organization and the community served.

Our team of professionals will be visionaries for your health information integrity activities and actively participate in creating solutions for the future information demands of your healthcare delivery system.

Services are provided on an hourly and cost-incurred basis.


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