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ICD-10 Preparation

First Class Solutions, Inc. is available to assist healthcare organizations and providers prepare for ICD-10.  2014 is coming soon!

Assess your coders’ current skills to determine their readiness for ICD-10.  Our on-line web-based multi-part skill assessment tool tests the following skill areas:

  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Pathophysiology
  • Medical Terminology
  • Pharmacology
  • Surgery and Surgical Devices
If multiple staff members from the same department take the assessment, each individual’s score can be compared to the group’s overall score.

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Our AHIMA ICD-10 Certified Trainers include:

  • Jane Werner, RHIT, CCS who serves as First Class Solutions’ Vice President of Compliance and four of our Senior Consultants for Coding Support and Coding Compliance Services
  • Pamela Scott, RHIT, CCS
  • Bill Remmich, MBA, CCS
  • Maria Brooks-Swims, RHIA, CCS
Jane Werner, RHIT, CCS Pamela Scott, RHIT,CCS   Bill Remmich,
Maria Brooks-Swims, RHIA, CCS

Providing services including:

General education for organization leadership and Medical Staff
  • Assistance in creating planning and implementation committees
  • Assessing staff competencies
  • Identifying budget components
  • Creating workplans
  • Assisting with system inventories
  • Educating staff on ICD-10cm and ICD-10PCS
  • Updating documents from ICD-9 to ICD-10
  • Assisting with mapping databases
  • Guiding departments through this major transition
ICD-10 Administrative Planning Consultants
Rose Deanna
Chief Operating Officer
Deanna McCarty-Peterson, MHA, BS, RHIA
Assistant Vice President, Health Information Consulting Services

Management Consulting

Our consultants understand the importance of integrating systems, structure, strategy, culture, people, skills, and work processes based on an organization’s core values and goals. Each of these is considered when operational and temporary (interim) management-consulting engagements commence.

Strategic Planning Facilitation

For organization leadership. Designed to introduce planning techniques to new Boards and Administration and to assist Boards and Administration in updating old and out-of-date plans.

Documentation Improvement Services

Improving reimbursement requires accurate coding based on comprehensive physician documentation that supports the care provided to the patient. We work closely with your utilization/case management staff, coding professionals, and physicians on proper documentation techniques. In addition, we have professional physician advisors to work directly with your physicians, if necessary.

Joint Commission preparation

One department or hospital-wide. No need to tie up one of your management team members when our professionals who have "experienced" the survey before and can facilitate organization preparation.

  • Initial readiness assessment
  • Corrective Action Plan development with hospital management staff
  • Action plan monitoring and "prodding"
  • Model sharing to avoid starting from scratch
  • Tips from prior surveys
  • Staff prompting
  • Hospital Policy and Procedure review and updating
  • Medical Staff compliance
  • Bylaw, Rule and Regulation review and modification

Staffing Analysis

Healthcare organizations must find innovative ways to deliver care efficiently while maintaining high quality standards for patient and customer service. Today no provider can be "average". Therefore, we do not expect your staffing needs to be the "average" of your peers. Our staffing analysis is not "cookbook" based. Our consultant reviews the unique characteristics of your organization, studies the flow and load of work, assesses the demands throughout the day and week and, then, based on this data, recommends the staffing that will be able to meet the demands.

During any staffing analysis, we consider the effectiveness of the management structure and work flow bottlenecks related to physical layout, interdepartmental coordination, and organization policies and procedures. From this analysis, we are able to project staffing protocols and monitoring techniques, propose productivity standards, develop incentive plans, and identify training needs. We can assist your management staff in any reengineering efforts and change agent facilitation.


Our firm will serve as your recruitment arm to find a qualified Health Information Manager or Director if we are serving as your temporary HIM or Case Management Director.

Other Information Management Services:

Transcription quality assessment

Routine evaluation of the accuracy of transcribed reports is imperative to ensure against missing essential data elements necessary to defend the physician and hospital against potential lawsuits. As part of any department's quality assessment program, evaluating the quality of the work performed by professional transcriptionists will allow management to address common errors and omissions, identify training needs, and measure the performance of staff members.

Space analysis

Out of space? Planning a new department? Attempting to determine space needs for the future? Our consultants will work with you to design a workflow that is logistically sound. Our space planning affiliates will identify equipment and furnishings to meet your needs.

Policy and Procedure Manual updating and/or preparation

As new regulatory and accreditation changes are introduced, policy and procedure manuals must be updated. Our consultants review each position in the department against the current procedure for the position and update the description with the involved staff member. Policies are updated based on hospital or organization, Joint Commission, AOA, HHS, CMS, HIPAA, OIG, and state regulations.

Other Services:

Inservice training program, Onsite or Audio Seminars:

  • Release of Information, Confidentiality and Discovery
  • Compliance
    • Coding
    • Legal Health Record
  • Coding
    • ICD9 CM
    • ICD10
    • CPT

Customized Software: See our web site www.CORTRAK.COM

Physician Office Management Services:

  • Superbill Updates-Annually the American Medical Association and CMS revise the required coding systems (CPT-4 and ICD-9-CM). Lost revenues and delayed payments will result from the use of outdated codes. Our consultants will review and update the codes on your existing Superbill form and assess your service mix to determine if any new services should be added to enhance your billing practices;
  • Compliance, coding and documentation studies-CMS indicates that it will audit 20% of all providers billing Medicare. CMS's audit focus will be to find documentation that is insufficient to justify codes for services billed. Fiscal penalties for failure to have adequate and/or complete documentation to support past billings can bankrupt a practice. Our consultants use tested abstracting and analysis forms to determine whether your documentation meets CMS's stated documentation requirements.
  • On-site coding education is provided for the coding staff and documentation training is conducted for the professional and physician staff; and
  • Record maintenance and storage evaluations including determining file systems needs.
  • EHR evaluation and implementation assistance including use of optical imaging systems

Compliance Readiness Assessment of HIM Department

This assessment includes, but is not limited to, a review of the following department items and activities:



mission statement
code of conduct and disciplinary action plan
policies and procedures for coding, documentation requirements, payer
regulations, contractual arrangements, release of information, and master patient
qualifications of department compliance coordinator
coding validation audit to establish coding proficiency level, identify coding
inconsistencies, and determine compliance with OIG target conditions
chargemaster updating processes
coding team organization, staffing, resources and tools
access to and use of payer information
communication protocols between patient accounts and health information
training and education opportunities/access/content
medical staff interaction with coding staff
staff qualifications and performance evaluation
implementation of department's stated compliance plan
auditing and monitoring methods
Release of Information and HIPAA Compliance

Clinical Pertinence, Closed or Open Record Studies, and Record/Chart Audits

Review of records for designated documentation elements, completeness, and/or other special studies.

Operations Review (Operational Assessments):


The Operational Assessment is an extensive review of all functions within the Health Information/Medical Records Department and a brief review of the Business Office, Denial Management, Patient Financial Services, Admitting Department and other related functions as they pertain to demographic capture and clinical record processing. Our comprehensive operational assessments include a review of medical records processing activities from initial chart receipt and completion through coding, abstracting and final reporting, focusing on the processes and backlog avoidance.

Operational Reviews are conducted by experienced Health Information Professionals who will thoroughly review each aspect of your daily operation and the HIM departments effectiveness in the revenue cycle.

  • Systems Review

Analyzing all health information (medical record) service systems from admission to permanent filing providing detailed reports of our observations and proposed solutions. We examine chart control, access and storage, tracking systems, assembly, coding, DRG and APC assignment, compliance, abstraction, management, organization, information collection and dissemination, chart completion, and companion functions of utilization review, performance improvement/quality management, risk management, denial management and medical staff credentialing/privileging.

  • Health Information Services Procedures and Policies

Reviewing existing procedures and policies to offer guidelines and standards for improved procedures and increased productivity.

  • Revenue Cycle Enhancement

Reviewing existing data and information flow from admission to record completions including attestation completion to identify opportunities to improve lag time from discharge-to-code. Working with staff involved in each step to identify barriers to achieving optimal completion intervals. Assisting supervisory staff with self-analysis techniques and with initiating concise monitoring and correction mechanisms to improve coding accuracy and timeliness, reduce claim denials, and accounts receivable management.

  • Department Relations

Observing system wide relationships and interchange of information between key departments and the health information department, with the goal to improve the timeliness of bill preparation and reduction of days in accounts receivable.

Abbreviated or "Brief" assessments can be performed to focus on a specific function or issue.


  • Transcription

This comprehensive transcription assessment and evaluation includes comparing on-site/off-site and outsourcing transcription support options, operational reviews, dictation and transcription equipment needs, developing RFPs for obtaining system/equipment quotations and summarizing competitive bids received, and quality of work assessments.

  • Coding

This comprehensive assessment and evaluation includes a coding quality review, educational summary conference, review of documentation, assessment of workflow and barriers to timely and accurate coding, resources & tools available, and staffing allocations.


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